Backup & Data Protection

What Kind of Backup Do You Have?

Have you assessed your risks, and made sure your backup covers those risks? We would like to help you with that.

Security Risks Are Still Huge

We take a security-first approach to business continuity, backups, and disaster recovery. Based on the realities of today’s evolving cybersecurity landscape, we assume that data loss will happen, and proactively prepare businesses to manage those incidents with rapid recovery.

  • 78% of IT Service Providers report attacks on their clients.
  • 50% of ransomware demands exceed $50,000.
  • 40% of attacks require > 8 hours to address – typically at a cost of $100-$250/hour.
  • 80% of businesses that pay the ransom suffer a second ransomware attack. IT Service Providers report that ransomware attacks are caused…
    • 54% by phishing emails
    • 27% by user practices/gullibility
    • 26% by lack of cybersecurity training.

Our backup services are integral in disaster recovery and incident response planning because the solution, regardless of how it’s deployed, directly mitigates the likelihood of attack and total cost of recovery.

We Can Provide YOU the Following Backup Services

SaaS Backup - Protecting Your Cloud Resources

You may ask, ‘But, doesn’t Google/Microsoft/Dropbox backup my data?’ The simple answer is, NO, just look closely at the major cloud terms of service, they are pretty blunt that they don’t guarantee your data. It is your responsiblility as the business owner to ensure you can survive an event that would damage or delete your data.

We provide backup services for the major cloud companies, and the maintenance to help you protect your business. Here is our SaaS Backup service.


  • Automated Scheduled daily backup
  • Manual on-demand backup
  • Unlimited storage
  • Gmail backup
  • Mail Exchange backup (Archiving)
  • Calendar backup
  • Contacts backup
  • Shared files backup
  • Shared drive
  • Drive Backup
  • Groups & Teams
  • SharePoint Backup
  • Tasks backup
  • Advanced security
  • Daily overview report & backup activity (optional)
  • Immutable Storage - Object Lock


  • Complete mailbox, calendar, restore
  • Cross-user (non-destructive) recovery
  • Cross-user recovery
  • Export for download or directly to your own S3, Aure, Box or Dropbox storage service
  • Export in industry standard formats such as .eml, or Outlook compatible .pst
  • Granular calendar recovery
  • Granular email recovery
  • Granular folder & file recovery
  • Granular item level search
  • Granular item level search & restore
  • Point-in-time recovery
  • Proven Recovery for G Suite

BCDR - Backup of Local Servers & Data

Did you know that your backups are a prime target for ransomware; that’s right, your backups are a target. Modern malware goes after your backups with as much attention as your live data, because if they can get your backups you are going to pay. This means that backup systems have to be aware of and safeguarded against ransomware.

Backups that cannot be changed or deleted without checks and balances (if at all)is referred to as Immuntability, and our backup appliance service includes this by default, even I can’t delete your backups without communication with out upstream provider. This means that the bad guys have no chance of truly holding your data hostage, as long as it is backed up.

Our on-site backup systems include:

  • Built-In and Always-On Features
  • Chain-Free Backups
  • Unlimited Storage and Retention
  • AirGap
  • AutoVerify
  • Virtual Office
  • Local Cache
  • Choice and Flexibility
  • BYO Device or Cloud

Back up all remote endpoints, desktops, laptops, servers, and workstations, directly to the our Secure Backup Cloud, without any pricey appliances.

Hardware-free means we can eliminate the high costs and complexities of appliances, including on-site visits, ongoing maintenance, unexpected failures, and stressful limitations. With our service Direct-to-Cloud (D2C), we deliver rapid and reliable recovery across dispersed workforces regardless of how data is lost – be it ransomware or other cyberattack, accidental deletion, or natural disaster.

For clients seeking a traditional backup and disaster recovery (BDR) system, we can offer our service with an appliance. Clients can choose to Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) or purchase or lease appliances from Axcient – as well as Bring Your Own Cloud (BYOC) or data center or replicate to Axcient’s cloud.

Regardless, recovery speed and responsiveness to ransomware and other cyberthreats is best-in-class. Both deployment options ensure business continuity with a 15-minute recovery point objective (RPO) and less than a 1-hour recovery time objective (RTO).