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UltraLight IT Services


The Internet is the only network that matters, and your users need the ability to work anytime, from any place and with any device. People, not computers, make your business great and traditional IT services only drag you down. JP Technical has the tools to lighten your load, improve your productivity and greatly reduce the stress of computer and network services.


I have been noticing an alarming increase in scam emails in recent weeks, they have been affecting users of Office 365 most significantly. Below is a video on how to identify these scam emails. If you would like to further eliminate these scams, let me know and I can talk to you about your options, including moving your mail to a more secure platform. 


need Help NOw?

Call or Text JP at 907-748-2200 “I need remote help” and we will reply with a 9 digit code. Click the link below, and a remote session will be established from your browser or mobile device.

CLICK HERE for remote support at https://jptechnical.screenconnect.com

Our Services

Here are just four of the most critical Ultralight IT Services we provide. Don’t leave these things to chance; call us today and let us show you how to reduce your stress with a better outlook on your business.

Onsite/remote support

Tell me how you work…

Do you have thumbs of steel?
Text & SMS is no problem.

Are you an Email junkie?
We got you covered.

Are you a caveman?
Phone calls and Voicemail are A-OK.

Antivirus and security

“Do I really need antivirus?”

Um, yeah… Do you have a bunch of cash for a ransom instead?

Managed Security Services doesn’t have to be painful.

Don’t risk your valuable data by assuming you are covered.

Backup+data protection

Ever verified your backup? 

If the answer is “NO”, then you probably don’t have a backup.. Seriously.

Sleep easy, knowing you saw with your own eyes that the last backup was good.

Windows & App Updates

Ever been afraid to restart?

You can gain control of when Windows and other programs update.

Restarts can be scheduled and done after-hours. Don’t give in to fear.

Identifying Scams

I have been noticing an alarming increase in scam emails in recent weeks, they have been affecting users of Office 365 most significantly. Below is a video on how to identify these scam emails. If you would like to further eliminate these scams, let me know and I can talk to you about your options, including moving your mail to a more secure platform. 

Settle for more

What can you expect from a new customer audit by JP Technical?


Let’s go to lunch. I gotta eat, you gotta eat. We can talk and get to know each other. Then, we do an audit of your network with our management tools. This is  passive information gathering, with no modifications. 


From the audit data and from our conversation at lunch, I start building a picture of how your business operates and where your pain points are. I prepare a proposal for you to address these critical issues, and together we make sure your priorities are addressed.


Here is where the rubber hits the road. We establish a timeline and stick to it. We shoot for a clean baseline and a clean transition. From there we go month-to-month and after a time, we go to lunch again and make sure we are still on the same page and that our expectations are being met.

cloud services by the numbers

“The cloud”. Everybody loves it but not many can define it. Simply put, the cloud is a network of servers. Some give you Instagram, others give you Dropbox. While the cloud is not some tangible thing, you can get some tangible benefits from its use. Here are some results that small businesses have been seeing from their adoption of cloud services. 


94% found security benefits they didn't have on-premise


62% said their levels of privacy increased


59% report significant productivity improvements

Our Specialties

  • Desktop Support
  • Network Management
  • Backup & Security

The vast majority of our work is supporting individual desktop and laptop users. Most of this is done remotely, using a variety of secure and easy to use methods. 

Network Management — including patching systems, wifi, firewalls and routers, printing, etc. — is another large part of our business.

Encrypted Local and Cloud Backups as well as Managed Antivirus round out the third largest division of our work.


What Types of Businesses Do you Work With?

We find that there is a huge gulf between businesses who are too small for the big ‘Contract Only’ MSPs, but need more than the meager skills of the Geek Squad. That is our specialty! Our ideal client size is under 10 users, but we take on one-man shops as well as the occasional 30 man enterprise.

Over the years, we have gained valuable experience with a wide variety of business types. We have had clients in Dental, Medical, Legal, Accounting, Construction, Manufacturing, Health & Fitness, Photography, Sound Studio and other professional fields.

Do you Offer contract Services?

YUP, but don’t feel boxed in. We recognize that contracts aren’t for everybody. We want you to know exactly what you are paying for, so we prefer time and material services. But if you prefer a contract, and you want some predictability in your budgeting, we can accommodate you. 

What Types of Businesses Do you -not- Work With?

I have no desire to be your employee or on-premise IT guy. I know there are lots of great people out there who would love a 9 to 5er, but that’s not me. I also don’t want to work for a customer that is unwilling to do any troubleshooting or simple tasks themselves. If you aren’t willing to unplug and plug something in again, then I am not your guy. 

My name is Jesse Perry; my friends call me JP.

I loooooove answering computer questions, especially via Email or text! Please feel free to email me anytime with a computer question. I would be happy to shoot you an answer via a link and point you in the right direction.

The Numbers

JP Technical has been providing solid, customized computer support for a while now. In the process, I have made a lot of friends and had some great experiences.

Years In Business

Happy Customers

Managed Systems

Gigs of Safe Data

Our Partners

Below are some of the companies we have partnered with…

JP Really helped me get our Google Suite for business up and running quickly. Cut through my confusion quickly and communicated well with me. JP stands ready for future consulting adding continuity to the service already provided.

Although much of the information is out there on the web, I don’t have time to do my job and become proficient with G Suite at the same time. I now have confidence to roll out procedures to the other members of our team that work and are best fit for our purpose. Not to mention, I can now go to our next company meeting bringing success.

Noel Yearsley

JP is the person you want for computer repair! When I called to explain I needed my computer fixed, he walked me through troubleshooting possible fixes over the phone. He was very patient, professional and quite knowledgeable. He was honest about the work needing to be done, and gave me options and very honest pricing up front. He even gave me advice on finding a new and inexpensive computer when mine was not salvageable. I was only charged for the data recovery on my old computer, even though he spent so much time working with me to try to fix my computer. I would recommend his services to anyone and will always go to him for anything computer related in the future. Thank you!!!

Sonrisa Anderson

I called JP Technical thinking that Windows 10 was preventing my computer from accessing the internet even though Wi-Fi was connected. I was looking to change to Windows 7 but decided to share with him the issue I was having. It turned out to be a simple fix. I’m truly grateful for his help and I would highly recommend his services. Thank you!!! 🙂

Jessica Lavoie

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