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Hi there,

I wanted to take a little time to explain some of the changes you will see in the invoices we send out. Specifically there will be changes with Invoice Formatting, Rate Structure and an explanation on the challenges of Keeping Pace with modern computing.

Invoice Formatting

First off, you will probably notice that the formatting on our invoices has changed. We are trying to do a better job of capturing actual time and applying them to tickets. A ticket might have multiple time entries, and even tasks that end up with no billable time may appear there for reference.

Rate Structure

Also, we have changed our hourly rate structure. Instead of 1/2 hr minimum remote service with 1/4 hr increments thereafter, we are doing a minimum of .10 hr minimum (6 minutes) in .10 hr increments (1/10th). The reason behind this change is that our new edition of Watchdog has much more advanced scripting capabilities and more routine tasks can literally be fixed in 5-10 minutes with our tools. We have not, however, changed the 1 hour minimum for on-site work.


Keeping pace

Things used to be a bit simpler. It was common to save up tasks and do them together and that made the billable time increments make sense. But, now I try to bemore proactive on these kinds of tasks; a response to a small alert before it becomes an outage, etc. And so, I felt it was better to bill actual time spent for these tasks, rather than rounding up to the nearest .25hr, or delaying support requests for my convenience.


So, going forward, you will probably see lots of little time entries. This is me trying to streamline tasks for the minimum billable time to stretch your dollar and my hours farther. Please let me know if you have any questions about this change.