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If you are looking for an excellent remote support tool that can help you with your computer system, you’ve come to the right place. JP Technical has been supporting clients remotely since well before LogMeIn or GoToMyPC ever existed. While the tools have changed, the methodology hasn’t… but I have to keep up with the tools, and I recently found a pretty slick tool for the one-off support or on the rare times when my standard tool isn’t doing the trick. So, here is another option, AeroAdmin.

AeroAdmin is a great solution to your remote support problems with some pretty great features. Computer repair in Anchorage just got a little easier, even if you are the DIY type who want’s to help a buddy out on your own. You can use this free tool for your own purposes.

* Click here to download AeroAdmin.exe *

Running AeroAdmin for the first time

What AeroAdmin looks like when you first run it

What AeroAdmin looks like when you first run it

Download and run AeroAdmin

Make a note of your 8 digit ID, JP will need this to connect to you.




Settings for AeroAdmin

Settings to allow JP Technical to connect to your computer

Settings to allow JP Technical to connect to your computer

Make sure to set the following settings so you JP Technical can access your computer:

When JP tries to connect you will see the box below, be sure to do the following:

  1. Check the box “Allow to access my computer”
  2. Check the box “Save my choice for this admin”
  3. Click the “Accept” button

JP will be able to access your computer now, and only when you run the AeroAdmin application, we can’t connect to your computer without your knowledge with this tool.

In fact, when you choose an excellent Computer Repair service provider like us, you can take advantage of great benefits that other companies don’t offer. This program is not just portable but also a completely-free remote support tool for Windows. You will enjoy free program both for personal as well as commercial use that you can use whenever you have the need.

JP Technical has the best computer setup as well as repair in Anchorage in Alaska with reliable solutions and the best guarantee in the state. We have been in this business for years and have acquired extensive knowledge on how to guide you with your own system.

Here are some details on AeroAdmin from the developer

Although it doesn’t offer chat capabilities, AeroAdmin’s small size is very convenient to use that can be used in just a minute with ideal remote system you’ll ever need. It can be efficiently launched using a USB drive or flash drive. Get the following benefits now by integrating this program to your system:

  • 100% free of charge for commercial and personal use
  • Ideal for unprompted support
  • File transfer
  • Helps sending customized keyboard shortcut
  • Secured connections with RSA and AES encryption
  • Adjusts automatically for ultimate ability and speed
  • Unattended access configuration
  • Clipboard syncing support

AeroAdmin is also fully portable which makes it unnecessary to install. It shows ID number whenever it is opened to allow connection with other users. The number is fixed so you don’t have to deal with different numbers every time. With easy to use file transfer feature, you will surely enjoy the hottest AeroAdmin program. Try it now!