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How To Use TeamViewer and TakeControl feature of GFI Max with Linux (.tvc file)

I have been trying to cut the cord on Windows on the desktop for many years, but I always get hung up on some necessary app, and in this case it was the TeamViewer component that comes with GFI Max. It just didn’t play well with Linux, and I had to run a VM for this purpose, which is not ideal. So, I found out how to make it work. So here goes…

Step 1: Install TeamViewer.

Hopefully you know how to do this on your particular OS, if not, Google it.

Step 2: Create the file association.

You can do this with your favorite editor, here is how to do it from the terminal:

nano ~/.local/share/applications/takecontrol.desktop

Step 3: Add the following to the file to make it work:

[Desktop Entry]
Name=Take Control
Comment=TeamViewer Remote Control Application
Exec=teamviewer --control %f

Step 4: Set the default program for the .tvc file.

You can do this in Ubuntu by right-clicking on the .tvc file and then choosing Open With > Open With Other Application > and selecting the Take Control app and making sure the checkbox at the bottom is checked.



Whammy! It works in Linux. I am so happy I have one less thread holding me to a Windows VM! Good luck.