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Start Menu and Calendar Not Working on Windows 10

I am mad... madder than in a long while. My Start Menu stopped working, so did the calendar, I would click on them, the mouse would flicker and nothing would happen. I finally fixed though... after installing all new drivers and msconfig and killing startups, etc......

Greenshot – a free and open source screenshot tool for productivity

I take screenshots... lots and lots of screen shots. I use them to backup settings on configuration screens when I make changes to computers, just as an example. However, the built-in Windows tools for taking screenshots are sorely lacking. I have started using...

Nobody can beat our Guarantee!

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Quickbooks Enterprise 13 is filling the temp folder with dbdata11.dll and Intuit says it isn’t their problem

Quickbooks Enterprise 13 generates millions of files/folders with dbdata11.dll junk files in the temp folder. Intuit support isn't much help. This is an ongoing issue for one of my clients. It started a few days ago, they came in and the computer said the hard drive...

Computer Repair Anchorage Alaska

Computer Repair is a HOT topic in Anchorage. You can save HUNDREDS of dollars and countless hours in downtime if you choose the right Computer Repair company in Anchorage. URGENT!!! Before you call another computer repair company, you must read my FREE CONSUMER...


Linux Commang Line

Linux Command Line

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Windows Command Lines

Windows Command Lines

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Susan is revealed to be a Man.

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