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Watchdog + Vipre = Crasy Awesome Protection

We are super excited to announce that Vipre Antivirus Enterprise Edition is available as a part of Watchdog. This means you can have the very best possible Antivirus and Antispyware protection regardless of the number of computers you have, no more volume orders, costly management tools and expensive setup.

Why use Viper Antivirus instead of just getting AVG or even Microsoft Security Essentials?

  1. Vipre works better than any other Antivirus we have worked with. It is the only Antivirus that has not been compromised by the recent wave of malicious software, whereas we have seen lots of AVG, Norton, McAfee and Microsoft Security Essentials computers infected.
  2. Keeping track of different computers and different licenses expiring at different dates is a pain! You have to buy at least a year of licenses for any other product, and you either have to buy extras in anticipation of additional computers, or manage them separately.
  3. Speaking of licenses, there is no contract, no license terms, no renewals with Watchdog + Vipre… we just turn it on and you are protected… piece of cake.
  4. You don’t have to buy 20+ licenses to get the benefits of an enterprise class Antivirus, you can have it on as many or as few computers as you want.
  5. Simple pricing, starting at $5 per computer, it is very simple to calculate how much your Antivirus costs with Watchdog + Vipre.
  6. Spread the the cost of the Antivirus over the year rather than lay down a big lump at once.
  7. Here is the big savings, labor! Any competing product costs real $$$ to install and maintain. You need a technician to install it, configure it and then maintain it, sometimes even rebooting your server in the middle of the day because of some issue. With Watchdog + Vipre we manage it all in the cloud for you. You don’t have to worry about it… no fuss.

Now you can get Vipre Antivirus Enterprise enabled on your computers all through the Watchdog system. The cost starts at $5 per month per computer. Each computer will report directly with Watchdog with it’s status, we start and stop scans, clean out the quarantine, reboot and fine tune the protection individually all through the Watchdog dashboard.

If you want more info, or an evaluation of your current Antivirus system, just click here and we will follow up with you right away.