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The Company with "The Best Computer Repair Service EVER or It's FREE" also has the Best Antivirus EVER!

Best Antivirus EVER!

I hate viruses and spyware… but what I hate even more is so-called protection programs (like Norton and McAfee) that trade a false sense of security (Yes, FALSE) for a computer that runs like it is up to it’s armpits in molasses.

We are very  glad to be able to offer what has proven to be the best Antivirus and Antispyware application we have seen in years, it is called Vipre Antivirus. I can say, without any reservation, that this is the most advanced and yet easiest to use virus scanner I have ever used. The claims are true, this is one antivirus that doesn’t slow down your computer… and that is a pretty bold claim to make.

We have been seeing more and more of our clients extending the life of their computers, and not only out of necessity. When most of the programs you use in your business or home don’t change that much, why should you have to suffer the pain of a slow computer because of the antivirus program sucking the life out of your day? I hate it! Who in their right mind wants to scan their computer IN THE MIDDLE OF THE WORK DAY? As if you have nothing better to do than twiddle your thumbs while Norton takes over your computer. Obviously I feel strongly about this, huh? 😀

Call us today, we would love to quote you for Vipre Antivirus for businesses. If you want Vipre Antivirus for your home, click here for order details.