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Microsoft Outlook uses .PST (personal storage) files to archive folders and mailboxes. Once you have a PST file, it is relatively simple to open within Outlook.

  1. In Outlook, click File, then Open, and finally Outlook Data File.
  2. The .PST file will open in your Outlook folder list by default. You can browse to the location your .pst file is and select it to open.

You will now have another personal folder in the folder list view in Outlook. If you cannot see it, click on the folder icon on your left column folder list, if the folder list is not visible, then click on “View” and click “Folder List”.

When you are done, you can close this pst file by rightclicking on the personal folder in your folder list (the new one, don’t try this one with the one your mail is recieved in) and click on “Close folder”.