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Chrome Launcher

AutoHotkey plus Chrome Launcher, a perfect match!

I use AutoHotkey plus Chrome Launcher. In fact, I absolutely LOVE the new Chrome launcher! I also love my #chromebook, but on my Windows desktop I can’t just tap the dedicated search key to access it. Here comes #autohotkey  to the rescue.  I will explain how to setup the Win + Spacebar combo to open the Chrome Launcher using AutoHotkey. This command will add the win+spacebar… Read more →

Please write us a review

If you search for “Computer Repair Anchorage” you will find around one hundred computer repair and service companies in the Anchorage area, that is a lot of companies! However, if you look at the Google Places listings, you will find that JP Technical has received the most reviews of any other company, and as such has the highest ranking. I… Read more →

Watchdog + Vipre Antivirus = Crazy Awesome Protection

We are super excited to announce that Vipre Antivirus Enterprise Edition is available as a part of Watchdog. This means you can have the very best possible Antivirus and Antispyware protection regardless of the number of computers you have, no more volume orders, costly management tools and expensive setup. Why use Viper Antivirus instead of just getting AVG or even… Read more →