Helpful Command Lines

Common command lines I use. I scrounge them up accross the web when I need them, ’bout time I started collecting them!

Start Menu and Calendar Not Working on Windows 10

I am mad… madder than in a long while. My Start Menu stopped working, so did the calendar, I would click on them, the mouse would flicker and nothing would happen. I finally fixed though… after installing all new drivers and msconfig and killing startups, etc… no joy. Here are the steps, in order of increasing anger until the last… Read more →

Add a new user via command-line in Windows

How to Add a new user via command-line in windows, make them a local admin and set their password to never expire. Create the user account… This works on both workstations and servers if you add the /domain argument. Here is the command I use to create a domain user account for a user named “Trogdor” with the password¬† “theBurninator”…. Read more →

Windows Command Lines

How To Make Windows Installer Work In Safe Mode

Sometimes there is a defect on a computer that does not allow it to work except in safe mode. Many a time technicians can trace the problem and they need to uninstall a defective program. However, since Windows in not operating except in Safe Mode then how do you reach the Windows Installer that installs and uninstalls software normally. You… Read more →

Chrome Launcher

AutoHotkey plus Chrome Launcher, a perfect match!

I use AutoHotkey plus Chrome Launcher. In fact, I absolutely¬†LOVE the new Chrome¬†launcher! I also love my¬†#chromebook, but on my Windows desktop I can’t just tap the dedicated search key to access it. Here comes¬†#autohotkey¬†¬†to the rescue.¬† I will explain how to setup the Win + Spacebar combo to open the Chrome Launcher using AutoHotkey.¬†This command will add the win+spacebar… Read more →