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For support issues, please email

Please include a brief (one sentence) explanation of the problem in the subject. In the body, please provide as much detail about the issue as you can. You can include screenshots, attachments and the more info the better and faster we can respond. You will get an email notification of the support ticket, with the ID and name in a few minutes. If you reply to THIS email and any other emails that include this ticket ID in the subject, it will update the support ticket and keep all the info together, again this helps us to respond to your issue faster and more efficiently.

Here is an example of a good helpdesk email:

Subject: When I close Quickbooks I get an error message about somefilename.sys

Body: When I went to shut down the system on Friday night, this is the message
that came up:

The instruction @ “0x56461f49” referenced memory
at “0x02e84360”. Memory could not be read.

Once I clicked OK, the system shut down but I’m not sure what has been
saved. Attached is a screenshot.

Judy Smith
Ficticious Company Name

— JP

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