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Start Menu and Calendar Not Working on Windows 10

I am mad… madder than in a long while. My Start Menu stopped working, so did the calendar, I would click on them, the mouse would flicker and nothing would happen. I finally fixed though… after installing all new drivers and msconfig and killing startups, etc… no joy. Here are the steps, in order of increasing anger until the last… Read more →

Add a new user via command-line in Windows

How to Add a new user via command-line in windows, make them a local admin and set their password to never expire. Create the user account… This works on both workstations and servers if you add the /domain argument. Here is the command I use to create a domain user account for a user named “Trogdor” with the password  “theBurninator”…. Read more →

Google’s latest defense against malware

The battle for your online safety goes on in the ether, here is Google’s latest defense against malware, even protection for businesses and data loss Some highlights from last week’s releases include… New machine learning models in Gmail to block phishing, New warnings for employees to prevent data loss, Protecting your business with the latest security advancements (i.e. blocking CryptoViruses)… Read more →