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The web’s greediest villain: ransomware – from Code42 Security Blog

The web’s greediest villain: ransomware – from Code42 Security Blog

October is Cyber Security Awareness Month. Here is a GREAT article on how the Ransomware got it’s start from the blog over at Code42. Full article: Article snippet… Becoming infected with a ransomware program—be it CryptoLocker, CryptoWall, CTB-Locker, TorrentLocker, or one of their many variants—can feel like the digital equivalent of getting mugged. The software encrypts targeted files on the… Read more →

Windows Command Lines

How To Make Windows Installer Work In Safe Mode

Sometimes there is a defect on a computer that does not allow it to work except in safe mode. Many a time technicians can trace the problem and they need to uninstall a defective program. However, since Windows in not operating except in Safe Mode then how do you reach the Windows Installer that installs and uninstalls software normally. You… Read more →

What AeroAdmin looks like when you first run it

Quick Remote Support with AeroAdmin

If you are looking for an excellent remote support tool that can help you with your computer system, you’ve come to the right place. JP Technical has been supporting clients remotely since well before LogMeIn or GoToMyPC ever existed. While the tools have changed, the methodology hasn’t… but I have to keep up with the tools, and I recently found… Read more →