Robocopy, best folder sync tool this side of *nix!

Robocopy is the Robust File Copier, which was part of the NT toolkit and now included in Win Vista forward. It is a folder sync utility, it serves as the basis for the sync tools built into the current versions of Windows. Like the Rsync utility from Unix and Linux et al, it compares directories and copies new and modified files (at it’s simplest usage). It also gives a super easy to read log when you are done. Basic arguments can be found with:

robocopy /?

Here is my favorite command. This copies all the files from the source directory to the destination directory, and saves a log with the abbreviation of the current day in the name (i.e. robocopy-log-Mon.log).

robocopy /s /e /r:0 /w:0 c:\source-directory c:\destination-directory /log:c:\robocopy-log-%date:~0,3%.log

Article written by Jesse Perry (JP)

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