Nobody can beat our Guarantee!

All truly responsible and reliable Computer Repair Businesses guarantee their services. This means if you are not pleased with the work they “fix” it for free, and if you still are not pleased they will then refund your money.

Sad to say, there are a number of unethical Computer Repair Companies in Anchorage that just won’t do this. What do they do instead? These guys will will actually argue with you, saying you have “unrealistic expectations”, or try and tell you the problem is a ‘new’ one, unrelated  to one you brought it in for.

To top it all off, these unethical Computer Repair Service Companies will even charge you for a followup, or flat out refuse to give you  back your money.

The best solution is to pick a computer repair company that truly guarantees their work. The result? You know they have got to be good and will provide excellent communication for the entire job. Only with a Guarantee like this can your experience be truly ‘Risk Free.’


JP Technical is the ONLY company in Alaska to offer this Guarantee. The Best Service Ever, Or It’s FREE! Call use at 907-748-2200

Article written by Jesse Perry (JP)

Hi there, I am Jesse Perry. I have run an IT Service business for over a decade, been working in the Computer Industry for much longer.

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