Introducing our new Virus Sniffing dog

They train dogs for sniffing out people for rescue, sniffing drugs and weapons… they even train dogs to sniff out BedBugs. Why not train a dog for sniffing out computer viruses? Think of how much easier it would be to clean computer viruses if we had a trusty helper to find them for us. Sure, we use different tools to search and detect viruses, that is a given. But I guarantee we are the only virus removal company in Alaska with a virus sniffing dog!

Meet Hobbs, he is our chief virus engineer. You will likely get the chance to meet him if you bring your computer in to our computer repair shop for a virus cleanup or computer tuneup.

Hobbs is our Chief Virus Removal Engineer

Hobbs is our Chief Virus Removal Engineer

Article written by Jesse Perry (JP)

Hi there, I am Jesse Perry. I have run an IT Service business for over a decade, been working in the Computer Industry for much longer.

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