Adblock for Chrome gets rid of all those nasty and irritating ads

Tired of those awful advertisements while surfing the web? Well, you don’t have to anymore, AdBlock for Chrome gets rid of those pesky (and often dangerous) ads, in just a few clicks.This is the official AdBlock extension: the original ad blocker written from the ground up to be optimized in Chrome. You can download it for Chrome here.

I have been using AdBlock for a while now, pretty much as soon as it was available. Now that I use Chrome for 99% of my web browsing (by the way I have never been happier), I haven’t seen one of those sleazy ads for years! I highly recommend it.

Article written by Jesse Perry (JP)

Hi there, I am Jesse Perry. I have run an IT Service business for over a decade, been working in the Computer Industry for much longer.

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